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MJM Industries, formerly Matt’s Specialties, was started by Mr. Marlin Mattson 14 years ago in Newfolden, MN. with the Sewer Blanket concept. Having worked with his father and uncle for many years with Mattson Backhoe, which began in 1954, Marlin recognized the need for a consumer friendly product to help prevent freeze up of septic systems. During the past five years he’s worked to developing the production and marketing of the product. Now approximately 2,000 blankets are in use by consumers from Winnipeg, MB to Mankato, MN.

The integrated materials that make up the product are being trademarked as “Matt Pak”. Additional applications and products are presently being developed each using Matt Pak. MJM Industries continues to develop all areas of the products including: Concept, Design, Testing, Production & Marketing. MJM Industries has material suppliers, production facilities & transportation in place with the capability of meeting large scale demand.

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