Having frozen septic problems?

We have a solution for you!

Matt’s Sewer Blanket helps guard your septic system against frost and freeze up, without the use of electricity.  The sewer blanket is staked to the ground in the Fall and easily rolls up in the Spring for storage.  Matt’s Sewer Blanket will offer many years of reuse.  Matt’s Sewer Blanket can be used below grade, at grade, or on mound systems.  It is waterproof and allows for shedding of late fall rain.  It holds the yearly fall snow for added insulation.  This is the EASY, CLEAN AND ECONOMICAL way to protect your customer’s septic systems against costly damage due to frozen septic systems.  This is a proven product that is currently in use in many parts of the upper Midwest where damage due to frozen septic systems are a common problem.  No more spreading straw in the fall and cleaning up the mess in the spring! Can also be used to cover your flowers!






MJM Industries – By Matts Article RT